About Us

CARBBIE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE LTD was created mid 2018 with the aim to provide fair rides and courier delivery for all with its reasonable fee model, instead of exploiting consumers with huge surge pricing.

Carbbie is the internet platform for the greater Nigeria . A pioneer of the region's ride-hailing economy,

Carbbie is expanding services across its platform to include transportation, and delivery to become the region's everyday SuperApp.

Carbbie’s mission is to simplify and improve the lives of people and build a lasting organisation that inspires.

Carbbie operates presently in Lagos ,Abuja and Ibadan and has created more employment opportunities in the region.

For drivers/carriers, Carbbie aims to provide shorter working hours with increased earnings.

With Carbbie unique refer-and-earn system, we offer drivers the opportunity to earn more income within shortest period of time.

Riders/senders can also earn a tremendous referral commission by referring other riders/sender or drivers/carriers.

Your success is our success. Refer and earn with Carbbie today!